The master minds behind our services...

Pedagogical Developers

Are you creative, academically talented with a comprehensive knowledge of pedagogical resources (ESL websites, ESL teacher materials, etc)?

Join our team of pedagogical developers who are the masters behind our services. Apart from its unique work-from-home employment option, the job post offers exciting challenges for pedagogical experts.

We develop a wide range of specialised materials every year for a variety of products and services. Below is a summary of the materials produced:

- Approximately 2000 hours of vocabulary, grammar, listening and role play / conversation activities for our online tutoring & telephone teaching program.

- Supplementary classroom activities for presential classes made available to teachers on our website

- Specialised intensive courses for specific clients. These can be monographic (negotiations, meetings, etc.) or multi-skilled (i.e. Socialising in English for Business).

This job is available as a full time option as well as for part time or on-assignment collaboration.


Preferred candidate profile:

  • A 4 year degree in an educational field and/or TEFL Certificate
  • 3 years of ESL experience 
  • Experience in ESL material development
  • If a candidate does not meet these criteria we will still admit submission of resume and professional experience in other fields.