In Company Teachers

In Company teachers participate in one of two programs:

1) Multi-company: Involves teaching classes in a variety of companies in different geographical locations. 20 teaching hours a week, 80 hours a month is considered to be full time although teachers can adapt their workload to combine with other commitments. Classes are given in the companies in which students work and teachers travel to these locations. Peak class times are normally early morning, mid-day and afternoon. Class group sizes range from 6 people down to individualised one-to-one instruction.

2) In House: Involves teaching classes in the facilities of only one client. This program is different from the multi-company program in that classes normally run all day long, which allows a teacher to work an 8 hour schedule Monday to Friday in the same company. 130 teaching hours a month is considered to be full time, and normally we require a full time commitment for this post.

Senior Teachers

Are you experienced with demonstrated superior teaching ability and looking for the recognition you deserve?

Our Senior Teachers apply their knowledge as Teacher Trainers, mentors and participants in our most demanding training programs.

In addition to giving specialised training courses ( i.e. monographic, intensives, immersions and classes for Senior Management or Directors ), Senior Teachers run teacher training sessions, act as mentors for entry level presential teachers, perform classroom observations/evaluations, and conduct level testing sessions.

Teaching load varies according to supervisory responsibilities and we normally require a full time commitment for this post.

In House Consultant

Do you have leadership, managerial and organizational skills as well as a solid pedagogical background?

This job combines the best of both worlds as an In House Consultant. Consultants work in the facilities of one client Monday to Friday and are responsible for running the training program of that client. They manage the team of teachers who participate in the program and oversee the administration of the program itself, acting as liaison between students, the client's Human Resources representatives and Training Express Program Managers.

Teaching load varies according to supervisory/administration responsibilities, and teaching ability should include experience in specialised training courses, (i.e. monographics, intensives, immersions and classes for Senior Management or Directors)

We require a full time commitment for this post.

Requirements for all positions

Preferred candidate profile:

  • A 4 year degree in an educational field and/or TEFL Certificate
  • 2 years of ESL experience
  • Additional experience in a non-education related field
  • If a candidate does not meet these criteria we will still admit submission of resume and professional experience in other fields.
  • All candidates must be native speakers.