Amidst the options of Internship, Gap Year programmes, and other Job Placement offers, our programme is the only one that unites 4 very important criteria.

Quality Economic Conditions: Unlike many international internship programs, which are usually either unpaid or actually cost you money, we guarantee a fair monthly stipend and award you a scholarship upon successful completion.

International Leaders: We are one of Spain´s leading language consultant firms, in addition to being an international employer for online training. We employ over 300 trainers and train over 10,000 students around the globe. This means that in addition to joining us in Spain, you can also work from anywhere around the globe for us as an online trainer.

Support & Training: We provide you with full logistical support prior to your arrival and ongoing pedagogical training throughout your collaboration with us.

Career Development: After your first year with us as a Language Trainer, we offer dynamic career development opportunities with our firm by advancing within the Training field in specialized areas. For Trainers with more than 3 years of experience, career paths can be explored as Program Managers and Training Material Development. If you have talent we will commit to developing and rewarding it.

Future Job Opportunities... Beyond the internship

Successful interns will be invited to continue as members of staff for the next academic year, and Training Express offers one of the most varied ranges of job opportunities in its field. A brief list of job opportunities are as follows, and more detailed job post descriptions are published on this web site in the "General Recruitment" section.

  • On Line ESL Tutors: specialized in distance and virtual learning. Interns can return to their home countries and continue to work for us as online tutors.
  • In Company Consultants: working in the facilities of one client managing a team of ESL teachers and coordinating the logistics and administration of the training program for that client.
  • Coordinators: working as logistics specialists on the assignment of teachers to programs and recruitment of new teaching staff.
  • Pedagogical Developers: working on our Pedagogical Development Team to create the pedagogical materials used for specialized programs.

If you have talent we will commit to developing and rewarding it.