Student Visas. Mandatory for participation.

- If you have a Student Visa through your University:

Interns can work until their Visa expires. A contract is signed between the student´s university and Training Express.

- If you don´t have a Student Visa or need to have your current Visa extended:

You must consult with us first to determine whether or not, according to the type of Visa you have been given from your university, it is possible to extend your Visa.

The process for new student visas and / or extending an existing visa takes 4 months. Thus, interns need to initiate the process well in advance.

NIE Number: Once you arrive in Spain, you will have to obtain your NIE number (Foreign Resident Identification Number). This combined with your Visa will allow you to legally reside and study as an intern in Spain. This is a simple process done by appointment through local Spanish state agencies. The process can take as little as 2 weeks depending on State agency appointment schedules. We will help you with this process.


  • Non Residents: If your Visa has been issued for 180 days or less you are fiscally considered to be a "Non-Resident" and the tax withholding for Non-Residents is 24 %. A tax return can be filed in the United States, and we will give you a certificate for processing your tax return.
  • Residents: If your Visa has been issued for more than 180 days you are considered to be a resident and we withhold tax according to the brackets established by Spanish law, a standard of 2 % income tax. Tax returns can be filed in Spain, and depending on your total earnings, a reimbursement of income tax withheld can be obtained, or if your earnings surpass the standard 2 % tax bracket you will be required to pay tax according to the law. Filing a tax return in your country of origin is not obligatory.

Health Insurance: Student Visas require students to possess private health care insurance before applying for the Visa. . This health insurance can be from your country of origin or contracted in Spain. The cost of private insurance in Spain is normally less than 60€ / month (approx 84 dollars) and we can refer interns to recommended health care companies.



Housing is paid for by the participant. Participants must arrange their housing prior to arrival in Spain. This is a requirement since upon arrival, the training course is intensive and participants cannot manage looking for housing and receiving training at the same time. In order to facilitate this process, we collaborate with 2 entities:

MadridEasy ( Provides very competitive share flat options for longer term stays (more than 6 months). They will provide short term (1 month) options, but this is not their main service. 

Sal y Ven ( Provides full range of housing options from short term and long term share flat options to short term and long term family stay options.  

Candidates should contact these entities directly via e-mail, and all arrangements, communication and contractual obligations take place directly between the candidate and the housing entity. Training Express assumes no responsibility regarding the conditions and contracts signed. Each entity specifies different deposit, registration, and contract suspension conditions and candidates should be familiar with them when making a decision.

***For very short term stays (less than 1 week) we can provide you with a list of economical hotels that we recommend.